Artificial Insemination at Okanagan Veterinary Hospital

Artificial Insemination

Freezing semen from a proven male is a great way to protect and make use of lineage that might be lost to death, injury or disease. Frozen semen can be kept in storage for an indefinite period of time, to be used months or years down the line. It will outlive your dog.

Frozen semen is used in trancervical or surgical inseminations. The sperm cells are evaluated, counted, washed, concentrated and then chilled in a solution to protect and nourish them through the freezing process. After gently chilling and very slowly lowering their temperature, they are frozen through two freezing processes, until the desired temperature of -197 degrees Celsius is reached.

Frozen semen will last forever if it kept in its frozen state and it can be shipped anywhere (providing it can get there and be used within 10 days).

Our AI services include semen evaluation prior to freezing, to determine the quality and quantity of semen. Poor quality semen will result in a poor end product, and given 30% morbidity in the freezing process alone, it is imperative to start with good motility and quantity.

In small breed dogs we aim for at least 4-6 straws, depending on the volume of semen produced. Large breed dogs yield 8-10 straws. Each straw to contains in the region of 50-60 million sperm. The freezing process takes about 6 hours to complete, so we need to it needs to be initiated by 10.00 Monday to Friday – we do not process semen on Saturday and Sunday. Our initial services includes a year’s storage fee, after which point, there will be a monthly fee for storage.

It takes time to order the supplies necessary to ship the semen. Typically we will need 2 weeks notice prior to shipping, more if you can provide it. We will need all shipping particulars and it is your responsibility to pay for all the shipping costs incurred prior to shipment. The sooner you let us know the details, the better.

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